North Fork Apparel is a new online lifestyle brand.  Our simple, elegant collection of contemporary hoodies, T-shirts, shirts, pullovers and accessories blend the most luxurious fabrics available with classic timeless styling.

Inspired by the relaxed ambiance of the North Fork, a thirty-mile unspoilt, unpretentious haven of pristine beaches, wineries, orchards and farms, we have a created a range of understated luxury apparel that is designed to combine Manhattan’s highest fashion standards with the North Fork’s cornerstone values of quality, integrity and authenticity.

By only selling online, we remove the retail mark-up, enabling our customers to afford the quality other luxury brands simply cannot match. True to the North Fork’s relaxed charm and unassuming character, we sell luxury, without pretense and quality, without compromise.

The Creators

North Fork Apparel is the creation of Carol Cohen, one of New York’s most respected fashion designers, and her son, Michael Cohen. It is the outcome of Carol’s thirty-year dream to create a contemporary lifestyle brand of affordable luxury and style.

Former head designer at Sanyo and Drizzle, Carol’s eye for high-end style is underpinned by a day-to-day practicality.

Inspired by the simple elegance of the North Fork lifestyle and her passion for the Made in America movement, Carol has come out of retirement to create our original range.

Carol’s selection of sumptuous fabrics, styled for comfort, in classic cuts, challenge the convention of traditional fashion thinking.

Our vision- to make North Fork Apparel part of the fabric of everyday life.

North Fork Apparel - Fabric For Living

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