Our Story

Carol (Friedland), grew up in New York. With a talent for art and a love of design, she dreamed of launching her own fashion business. It was 1962 and Carol had secured a place at Parsons School of Design. Three years later Carol graduated from Parsons as winner of the prestigious Gold Thimble Award. Soon after fashion houses were wooing her.  She was hired by Paraphernalia, a high fashion brand, created by the world's top young designers, including Joel Schumacher, Mary Quant and Betsy Johnson.  
Carol's eye for high-end style, underpinned by a day-to-day practicality eventually propelled her to head designer at Sanyo and Drizzle. Sanyo by Carol Cohen and Drizzle by Carol Cohen became synonymous with timeless elegance and quality.  
During those years, she achieved both industry and public recognition as one of New York’s most respected designers. Carol's outerwear creations have sold in most major upscale department stores for the last 40 years. 

Some of Carol's Press Coverage 

In 2004, Carol decided to retire from design to take on the role of Professor of Fashion at Parsons School of Design. Retirement enabled her to spend more time in her North Fork home. Between those days on Long Island and while inspiring the next generation of designers, her dream was rekindled; to create a contemporary lifestyle brand of affordable luxury and style.

Carol's vision was forming, but she’d need a great business partner. Her choice was simple; Michael Cohen, her son. However, Michael had taken another road.

Fashion was part of Michael’s DNA. Michael began his career working for his grandfather’s apparel business, Gilligan and O'Malley, which later sold to Target. Michael’s career ambitions drove him to leave the family business and pursue a different path.

By his mid-twenties, he was achieving success in New York’s commercial real estate market. Fifteen years later his path took another turn as he found himself in LA working with his friend; actor, writer and director, Mario Van Peebles. Working alongside Mario, Michael Co-Executive Produced the feature film, We The Party. Completing the film in 2012 Michael returned to the North Fork for a short break and during those few days, Carol’s dream started to become a reality.

“It was over the kitchen table I was able to persuade Michael to come back home and help me launch the clothing range I’d always dreamed about. I suppose you could say it’s brought Michael’s career full circle.”
Carol Cohen 2014.

By 2013 and back in New York, he and Carol focused on building their brand. The North Fork of Long Island was their inspiration; the simple way of life and people’s unerring commitment to create quality products. This formed the foundation of the brand. The business model; to produce simple, elegant, timeless wardrobe essentials made of exceptional materials, that fit well, make people look good and feel great when they wear them.
Both Michael and Carol have a passion for the Made in America movement and only design and manufacture in the USA.

"We are an all American brand that offers great value. By only selling online, we remove the retail markup. This enables our customers to afford the quality other luxury brands simply cannot match."
Michael Cohen 2015.


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